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      �あ鉪By placing the axes of tangent gearing so that the threads or teeth of the pinions are parallel to the face of the driven teeth, [53] as in the planing machines of Messrs Wm. Sellers & Co., the conditions of operation are changed, and an interesting problem arises. The progressive or forward movement of the pinion teeth may be equal to the sliding movement between the surfaces; and an equally novel result is, that the sliding action is distributed over the whole breadth of the driven teeth.ン幄いシく"I have been arrested."猡婴ゥイレ



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      The gauging system has been no little retarded by a selfish and mistaken opinion that an engineering establishment may maintain peculiar standards of its own; in fact, relics of this spirit are yet to be met with in old machines, where the pitch of screw-threads has been made to fractional parts of an inch, so that engineers, other than the original makers, could not well perform repairing, or replace broken parts.ビずみThe man became quite excited, and took hold of my sleeve. He looked me straight in the face, as if he wanted to find out by the expression of my eyes whether I spoke the truth. I could easily stand the scrutinising look, for I knew too well how utterly false those suspicions were. So I replied with great emphasis:げ悚ぅぬゾ�ダさゥイ尤イ


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      Platens as a rule run back at twice the forward or cutting movement, and as the motion is uniform throughout each stroke, it requires to be stopped at the extremes by meeting some elastic or yielding resistance which, to use a steam phrase, "cushions" or absorbs the momentum, and starts the platen back for the return stroke.ぅャThe news, that all the forts had now been taken was quickly communicated to the surrounding military posts, and in consequence the soldiers were in a wanton mood. Most of the houses which I passed had their doors and windows smashed and70 broken, but the most provoking was that soldiers had compelled the people in the cafés along the canal to open their pianos and make their musical automatons play. To the tunes of these instruments they danced, yelling and shouting. No greater contrast was imaginable than that between such scenes and the burning village with the frightened inhabitants around it.つ� 堀


      Improvements, which have totally changed machine fitting during thirty years past, have been of a character to dispense in a great measure with hand skill, and supplant it with what may be termed mental skill. The mere physical effect produced by a man's hands has steadily diminished in value, until it has now almost come to be reckoned in foot-pounds; but the necessity [166] for practical knowledge instead of being diminished is increased.c澶ぅ恧"But really, madame, that is only senseless gossip of the people. You need not be afraid, the Germans will not be so cruel as all that!"━蕙�ゲイ谧ぅ欷

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