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      Hubert held out his hand; Bergan gave it a firm, strong clasp. There was not another word; they understood each other.ぅい`漓肖"Why!" exclaimed Bergan, "the will was a forgery, then!"ぅじ〔�イ

      Yet he might have felt some misgivings, if he had followed Dick out of the house, immediately after the signing of the will, and heard the low, satisfied chuckle with which he tumbled into his superannuated chaise, and started his horse on a jog-trot toward Berganton. The potent draught just swallowed had as yet taken effect only in quickening his sense of the humorous, and putting him on excellent terms with his own self-conceit. His eyes twinkled with amusement, too intense to be denied the occasional vent of a loud burst of laughter, or an appropriate string of proverbs.娼肯�诱ャ记埭マ"De puerta cerrada el diablo se torna,—From a locked door, the devil turns away," he muttered, settling himself in his hiding place, with the intention of remaining there until the anticipated departure.イ靴イイ



      "God bless you," he murmured, fervently. And he added, in a tone of entire conviction;—"I am sure He will."褪ざいあ鹜�で"I am very glad to see you," continued Mrs. Lyte, when Astra had left the room, "but I am afraid it is largely a selfish gladness. I am so certain that you will see what can be done for my children after I am gone."いりド

      Never before had he seen a man in the terrible grasp of delirium tremens; and now, after a brief look, he was glad to turn away his eyes.肖む肟�れれワ�ひ飞ぅ



      "Will you allow me the pleasure of looking into your studio?" asked she, in a voice as perfect as her face; "I have heard so much of its marvels, that I am desirous of seeing them for myself."bチ�ゥ困いい"Most certainly; he must have started before this."ち妤笳イ骏ア



      An hour after, the door of Bergan's sick-room opened gently. His eyes were closed; he, too, had been thinking, as deeply as his weak, half unconscious state permitted; and his thoughts had been strangely like those of Carice. The tangled web left behind by Doctor Remy would be hard to unravel, he felt; and in the process, there would be much pain, loss, anxiety, and disgrace,—especially for Carice. His heart ached for her;—and a little also—for he was very weak and weary—for himself. Would it not be well to have done with it all,—to let thought, care, and life drift away together, as they seemed so ready to do, if only he ceased to hold them back? It would be so much easier to let them go!—was there really any good reason why he should try to live?虐なイ钰ゥ�d鹃ぅいゥ沥�ゼぅJデい

      �谣播扦ァ�期いコ"The strong pull," remarked Doctor Trubie, "came from my medical brother, down South."ニ右垮イぅ

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